Monday, December 13, 2010


We (hubby and myself) spent a wonderful two days with our 3 oldest grandchildren - Joseph, 9; JoyAnn 6; Jesse 6, over the week-end.  So much to do,and so little time!  We had been working on some ornaments to give  to their Mom and Dad, as we were learning that it was "more blessed to give than to receive."  There was flour flyin', measuring cups rattling, laughter and more laughter as we proceeded to make decorated pressed cookies!  
Then on to decorating!

After a trip to see Christmas lights, it was on to baking Gingerbread Cookies!

And experimentation with lavender and lime it:)
After watching some Christmas t.v.and listening to Christmas carols, it was indeed a beautiful time together. We talked quite a bit about the true meaning of Christmas and you can believe they got lots of hugs and kisses while visiting.  I must say, they were pretty worn out by the time we took them home the next day. 
Their two little twin brothers,  Jonathan and James will turn one year old on the 20th.  There are  just some things a mother and grandmother cherish in their hearts.  Memories of the last time I saw my youngest son skipping to the bus and KNOWing that would be the last time he would skip.  Seeing my little James put his little fist into the air and,  after a little thought, point his tiny index finger up, indicating  he would be "1" soon!
So many memories, and so little time. And if, per chance I should lose those precious memories here on earth, I know my heavenly Father will hold them safe until I go to  be with Him.

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  1. I love your memories of your children... when I think of 'lasts' from my children, the tears just fall. Isn't it something how we have them for such a short time? And how easy it is to be so busy raising them and going through the day and it's trials and problems, that we just don't savor those moments. How our hearts ache for just one day to go back and be able to love their little bodies, and feel their soft skin, silky hair, little hands, sweet voices... I'd better stop, the tears are coming now. So happy for you that you get to have your grandchildren living close enough that you can enjoy them often. Have a wonderful and safe New Years. :)