Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Which roses? Don't make me decide..........

Or I'll buy them all!! "Hubby" and I sat down tonight to decide what roses to buy for our new place. We moved over a year ago and so our landscaping endeavors are beginning again....We left our mark from where we came. We are both avid lovers of plants, flowers, gardening, gettin' down and dirty (well, I have to admit I don't get as dirty as "hubby"...lol). We planted two different types of roses last year and one has died. It was a beautiful lavender rose, similar to this one:  It's called "Sweetness Grandiflora Rose". 

Or maybe this one, "Summer of Love Hybrid Tea Rose":

If you have a rose garden, I would love to see pictures of them.  Feel free to share them with me!  You must already have figured out how much I enjoy flowers:)

I do think we've decided on a mixture, though.  When the deal is done, I'll let you know!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oldest Son and Wife!

This picture was taken a few days after our new twins arrived.  Little Jonathan had trouble breathing the first few days, so this was the first time Mom and Dad got to hold him.  Aren't they handsome and gorgeous!  But then I'm a little biased :)

Happy Birthday Anth!!

This is our youngest son, along with his beautiful wife.  He is celebrating his 31st birthday today, April 12th!  He takes after his Dad mostly..........very giving, loving, caring, talented, and absolutely adores his precious wife!  I now have the two daughters I had hoped I would have someday!
They are both so talented at so many things.......music, art, crafts, computer builder.........and the list could go on and on from this proud mama!1

Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet my "Hubby"!

This is "Hubby".  He is the sweetest, dearest, most caring and forgiving man I know.  He really does love me unconditionally.  We have no secrets......we share the good and the bad.  The good takes care of itself, but bad begs forgiveness.  I keep telling him I'm not worthy of him or the great love he's shown me over the years, will be 37 years this October. 
He's absolutely the most important person to me this side of Heaven.
He grew up on a farm!  Taught school for 25 years then took an early retirement this past year. 
I can say without hesitation that he truly loves me the way Christ loves the church.  He asks for nothing for himself......only one thing........that I love him, which I do with all my heart.  He has never had expectations of me more than to just be myself. 
"Hubby" is a hard working man.........it's very hard for him to stay still:)  Hard work for him comes naturally and is quite enjoyable for him.  And, as a father, well they just don't get any better.  He took lots of time with our boys when they were growing up to pass down all the neat things he knows, like how to rebuild engines; overhaul a transmission; take care of cattle; how to fish and hunt.  He has taught them about life in such a different way than myself.  We always taught our 2 boys that no matter what they chose to do in life, do it with all their might and to the best of their abilities.  Both of our sons have grown up and married beautiful ladies, inside and out!  Our oldest and his wife have given us 5 precious grandchildren!  Now I ask you, what more could a wife and mother want?  How blessed am I!!