Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ok, I'm Up For Suggestions! HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY BLOG?

I realize it probably takes a long time to get consistent readers and followers of one's blog, but I have only gained 3 friends since December of 2009, and, (I love you all), but you don't come around much anymore. But you could say the same about me.....where did she go? Well, I'm on Facebook, playing games, talking to friends I know and others I do not. Hmmmm, not such a wise use of time? Yes and no. I have met some wonderful people on Facebook who just want and need someone to talk with. Many have disabilities and cannot work, and this is their only link to something even close to friendship and family. If there's one reason God put me here on this earth for, it's to "listen", listen attentively, listen caringly, thoughtfully and genuinely. Sometimes I speak when I should listen. And sometimes I do too much listening and not enough For example, day before yesterday I went out to run an errand. I was going to stop by the gas company and pay for rental of the tank, then stop by the Dollar Store and get some spider spray. To make a long story short, I met a little older lady there who just began to strike up a conversation-----an hour and a half later, we are still standing there talking. I've done this before.....I can't bring myself to leave or excuse myself because I figure this person has a need; they need someone to listen and really "hear" what they're saying. More often than not, it is someone I do not know at all, have never met, but for some reason they gravitate towards me. Well, apparently my blog is not causing people to gravitate towards me, but that's not why I put the blog here in the first place. It was to help you gravitate towards God, to get you to think, to help you get into a peaceful place. And guess what!! I came onto my blog today and "I"! found a peaceful place! I loved the soft music, the pictures of my grandchildren almost made me cry with inner joy! But, I realize I'm new to this blogging thing and am ready for some suggestions:) So, HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY BLOG?