Poem's the Lord gave me:)

MY STAR                                         

       I looked up at the stars tonight, as I so often do,
       To see them sparkling oh so bright amidst the winter gloom.          
       I've claimed one for my own dear Lord, I hope that you don't mind,
       It gives me comfort, joy and peace to dwell on the sublime.
       I pray that each day I may be a picture of your love, 
       So others will see Jesus and want to dwell above.
       Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have given me,
       And may others who may read this want to be as close to Thee.
                                                                                    __K.S. Flint


                                            I HEARD A CRY TODAY
                                          I heard a wayward cry today

                                          From someone not too far away,
                                          A cry of loneliness and despair,
                                          A person bound with so many cares.

                                          Sometimes our laughter, smiles and such,
                                          Can hide the pain that's way too much
                                          For us to bear alone, you see
                                          And that is why we have need of Thee.

                                          Lord help me to relay and share,
                                          My love for one who feels so uncared,
                                          Allow me to put my own needs aside
                                          And let me show where they can hide.

                                          Life comes at us way too fast
                                         And precious moments do not always last,
                                         There's only One in whom we hope,
                                         Will ease the hurts, the pains, the mopes,

                                         For longings each one of us feel from time to time
                                         And cover up with one huge mime,
                                         Longings for peace and comfort and quiet
                                        To be understood and to be enlightened

                                        Let us all come together and lift each other up
                                        On days when we just can't cope.
                                        For you are the Father of all who will see
                                        That there's no way to be truly joyful without Thee.

                                        But you must let me know
                                        What kind of special prayers you need to grow,
                                        Past all the weeds and thistles there,
                                        That seem to crowd around despair

                                        With each verse that's read or song that's sung,
                                        Another weed will be undone!
                                        And soon the Son we'll feel again
                                        His warmth and strength we will regain

                                       As we place our all with the great I AM!
                                       He'll put His arms around you dear
                                       And hold you to his breast so near
                                       He'll show you again the reason why
                                       He came upon this earth to die.
                                                                      __K.S. Flint


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