Saturday, February 6, 2010

The REAL "boss" of our family :) Meet Leon

Meet "Leon"! He is the second all white cat we have had. Our first one was named "Princess". She lived to be about 18 in people years, which is pretty old I guess for a cat. Anyhow, I knew her days were going to be short and was already grieving over her.
My husband had gone to Christmas party our church was having (I was sick and couldn't go) and when he came home, he had a little shoe box which he opened and this cute little 4-6 wk. old kitten raised it's little head out of the box. He was so hungry and had a big belly so we knew he had worms. We were SURE he was a girl, so we named her "Noel" when we got to the vet we found out otherwise! So, we just reversed the name and Leon had arrived!
What a joy pets are. I am confident that the Lord places these little bundles of joy in our lives as sweet special companions to snuggle up to......tell our innermost thoughts to..........You know, pets love unconditionally, just like the Lord :) I'll get more pics of him on here soon! Mimi


  1. I really, really, like your comment and observation that pets love us unconditionaly, just like the Lord. I never thought of it like that. That is great. I love Cardinals, and they have migrated this far north just recently. The other morning before the sun was up but getting light out, I thought I had seen a male Cardinal on the corn that we put out for the squirrels-- I couldn't see his coloring, but could make out the little tuft on his head, and he moved like a Cardinal (jumpy) and had the shape. I love seeing them against the white snow. We feed the squirrels---we have the fattest squirrels in town living in our backyard!

  2. Oh, and I was just thinking, how animals are just like the Lord: they don't hold a grudge, and they are always ready to forgive.

  3. Oh my yes.. They are just like our Lord, always ready to forgive:) We have cardinals but they haven't stayed still at the feeder long enough to get a good pic. Will try to get one though. The male is a bright red all over whereas the female is kind of grayish with a bright reddish/orange beak.
    Thank you for your comments, Joy:) Mimi