Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy :)

This tribute is to my "Daddy".   For us Southern girls, "Father", is just too formal.  I'm 61 years old and am still a "Daddy's girl".  I love my Daddy.   I've always loved my Daddy!  But, as is true in so many instances, you don't really understand the true worth of your parents until you've become one. 
We helped my Daddy celebrate his 80th birthday last June, 2009.  We had a big shindig with lots of family, friends and acquaintances coming by to give him their special blessings.  We (my two brothers and I), gave my Daddy a "VoiceQuilt".  If you've never heard of a voice quilt and want to give a very special and unique gift, check out  It can make a special occasion even more special!
It's amazing how, as you get older, suddenly your parents have become much more wise than you imagined.  I now know and understand some of the things my Daddy went through when we were growing up. 
My Daddy was a hard working man.  He always made sure we kids had what we needed, and as often as possible, some things we wanted.  He went without at times, just like my mother, to make sure we kids had what we needed. 
My Daddy is a godly man.  He's a faithful, caring, giving, man.  He has been through the fire more than once, and has proven to be rock solid.  He believes when you make a commitment, you should keep that commitment.  I thought he was a little strict on us kids when growing up.  However, what he was doing was bringing us up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.........something that is sadly lacking in a lot of homes today. 
My Dad married my mother when he was just 17 years old.  But he took his vows seriously and was faithful to my mother "until death do we part", shy one month of 51 years.   She passed away 12 years ago after many years of illnesses.  He never made her feel that she were a burden.....not one minute. 
Is my Daddy without faults?  No.........but he has certainly become the Patriarch of our big family and has attained the type of character that many people admire, including myself. 
Even at age 81, he still manages to take time to go to the nursing homes and visit those people who have not been as fortunate as he.
Daddy, if you read this, just know that you are so loved.  I know there have been times over the years where I have disappointed or hurt you in some way.  I ask you to forgive for those times I knew about, and those I did not.  I just hope at least half the character you have, has rubbed off on me somewhat. 
I love you, and always, Sissy:)

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  1. That was very sweet for your Daddy. He's doing great for 81.