Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Which roses? Don't make me decide..........

Or I'll buy them all!! "Hubby" and I sat down tonight to decide what roses to buy for our new place. We moved over a year ago and so our landscaping endeavors are beginning again....We left our mark from where we came. We are both avid lovers of plants, flowers, gardening, gettin' down and dirty (well, I have to admit I don't get as dirty as "hubby"...lol). We planted two different types of roses last year and one has died. It was a beautiful lavender rose, similar to this one:  It's called "Sweetness Grandiflora Rose". 

Or maybe this one, "Summer of Love Hybrid Tea Rose":

If you have a rose garden, I would love to see pictures of them.  Feel free to share them with me!  You must already have figured out how much I enjoy flowers:)

I do think we've decided on a mixture, though.  When the deal is done, I'll let you know!


  1. When my roses bloom, I'll get some pics of them!

  2. My roses are just now blooming, I did a video the other night of my flower bed, will post soon.